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Sebagaimana yang kita ketahui, Dato Sri Najib Tun Abdul Razak akan mengambil alih jawatan Perdana Menteri pada bulan Mac 2009. Biasanya sebelum beliau memegang jawatan tersebut, sudah tentu beliau sudah mempunyai perancangan arah tuju Malaysia yang akan dikemudinya. Terbaru sewaktu beliau diwawancara oleh BLOOMBERG TV pada 24 Oktober 2008, beliau telah memberi pandangan, pendekatan dan misi beliau dalam membawa negara ini kehadapan. Wak berharap pembaca dapat memberi komen terhadap apa yang perkatakan oleh Dato Sri Najib.

Pengacara: As the world tries to make senses of financial turmoil, Malaysia has been grabbling with it political qualifiers. After about 6 decades of a dominant the ruling coalition has never been weaker it suffers its worst election result in history. The man inheriting al the problems and challenges is Najib Tun Razak the incoming Premier of Malaysia. You’re poise to take over leadership in Mac, what’s your view. What you want for Malaysia and Malaysian?

DS NAJIB: We’re hoping that we can take the country to the next level of development. I’m going to emphasize not just physical development. I’m concern about transforming Malaysia not only in term of GDP growth but we want to stronger Malaysian in terms of strong institutions values the people and generally managing great expectation of all Malaysian in terms of more progressive, matures and sophisticated society.

Pengacara: You’ll in the unbearable task or rather seat of reviving or not just growth but as well as the spirit of the country. There seems to be split within UMNO, the ruling coalition. The recent election shows that the least popularity in history. How do you want to revive the priority?

DS Najib: It’s a huge challenge. I think UMNO is up to the task. We have to go thru this process of understanding where we are today and why we fail badly, last elections. There must be this political will and desire change within UMNO, I think we can aspect we change unless in more favorable terms, unless we change, unless we rectify weakness, unless we project better image. I came up openly to say, “ if we do not change the people will change us.”

Pengacara: There’s a split in the party. You have to speak with are voice but that doesn’t seems to be the case right now?

DS Najib : We have to go o this process of election. Every time election in UMNO, there’ll be people contest there’ll be diverging views but after the contests so far, generally within UMNO there’s spirit of close friends. I hope and think it will happen

Pengacara: Is there a need to get a fresh mandate, considering of what happen last election?

DS Najib: No. we have the mandate to continue for the next 5 years and we intent to continues and deliver, at the end of the period, the people will judge us.

Pengacara: There’s some reservation in the ground regarding the credibility issues. There’s an allegation perhaps your involvement in murder as well as at do will the scandals involving projects. Are you concern about that perhaps that would affect your leadership?

DS Najib: Yes! I’m concern because people have resorted to such tactics underhand tactics but there’s no proof, no basis and one shouldn’t make allegation unless there’s a basis. I’m telling you this; I wouldn’t stay a day longer here if I know I’m involved on those allegations.

Pengacara: We’ve spoken to Tun Mahathir yesterday. He did mention that these issues need to be address. How will you address these issues?

DS Najib : I’ve addresses these issues in Parliament. I’ve take a Muslim way taking the ‘oath’ in the name of Allah. I’ve given numerous statements, so far no one has came up with any evidence my alleged involved.

Pengacara: Why not sue the people who make the allegation?

DS Najib : Well, you can sue people but its going to be very tedious process in court. Witness can lie in court; all kind of things can happen but by coming up openly and by using the Islamic way I hope people are convinced I’m not involves in anyway.

Pengacara: What are the other issues that being hotly debated, new economic policy. A policy that gives referential treatment to ethnic Malays. What’s your view in that?

DS Najib : We have come a long way. We have liberised the new economic policy, infect it is by name is no longer existence – the New Economic Policy have been replaced by the elements of the new economic policy. My position is that should be gradual removal of new economic policy and same time look in term of the legitimate of grievances, the needs of every committee. I belief the needs and legitimate grievances of every community of all-Malaysian must be addresses, must be seen. We are serious about solving their problems.

Pengacara: Are you saying that you’re working toward eradication of the NEP?

DS Najib: I’m working towards gradual liberization and as when the Bumiputera has feel that they are confident. I’m glad to say more and more confidence of competing now of going well globally as well as so call domestically. I think not to distance future; we well see all the elements of the NEP being replaced.

Pengacara: In term of ethnic minorities, recent polls have shown that you’re not popular with the ethnic minority. Are there steps being taken to gain the support?

DS Najib: As you know, nothing is static in political fields. Every dynamic things will change. I’ll welcome the challenge to make the government and Barisan National to appeal towards community.

Pengacara: What’s your taken race base politics?

DS Najib: The structure is race base, but we are working toward more multiracial in nature even within National Front. There has to be great collaboration be seen that working closely together not only when election time but when we make decision, made programs or do activities our opposition on many issues should be seen to more and more innocent with one another.

Pengacara: Some of the other issues that need to be address are civil liberties and democracy, you’re taken on that?

DS Najib: The society is changing, more sophisticated people concern about civil liberties, concern about matured democracy. We have to address that. When you talk about ISA for example – it’s a piece of pre-emptive legislations in a context of combating terrorism, in context of preventing something ugly to happen, it’s an act of terrorism. When racial clashes, it’s an act of extreme subversives. Basically preemptive legislation is necessary. All country in the world has preventive legislations. They have more horrific things happening example in Guantanamo Bay, do you agree with that? But it has to be applied in a very fair predacious way. At the end of the day whatever laws you want to apply in this country, it has to be predicate on a strong popular support, for the laws because otherwise it will be encounter productive. I’m aware of the debate, I’m conscious the facts that the people are very concern about civil liberties.

Pengacara: How you minimize abuses?

DS Najib: Its common upon the government to think very carefully. I used the word judiciously so that when you apply the law it is to be seen a fair application and bearing in mind the change in the society, the concern about liberties.

Pengacara: Turning to economy the big issue for the world, you’re assessment of the status of Malaysia’s economic right now? Some people have said you state of denying, saying that recession is not likely at all.

DS Najib: I have numbers, I have figures. I’m not in the state of denying because even IMF has come up openly to say, we are lucky (Malaysia) to achieving 4.8% growth next year. That what IMF saying not Malaysian government. What we are saying, we are luckily to achieve 5% this year. Next year we are looking at the number closely. I’m expected to announce the number when I’m going for a debate in Parliament but we are aware on the IMF forecast for the next year.

Pengacara: But the Bank Negara Governor, Zeti has come up to says that 2009 will be about 4% much less than what the government estimating?

DS Najib: We have come up very openly to say we are revealing. The figures are issues before the banking and the global financial crisis which nobody expected, before US government and the government in Europe. When it happens obviously it has global impact, so we have to revise our figures like all other countries.

Pengacara: You come up with stimulus package recently?

DS Najib: Parts of the stimulus packages. I never said it’s a total package. I just want to say… I want to send right signals. The policy responds would be market friend, will be business friendly. For example – we are not cutting back on government expenditures that are important. We came up to say that all deposits guaranteed. There no credit crunch. Credits are expending in Malaysia, so these are good for the market. Good news for the economic.

Pengacara: Give the confidential turmoil, are you considering guarantee inter bank lending?

DS Najib: We will monitor that and we will ensure there’ll be enough liquidity in the market

Pengacara: How about the Ringgit drop about 6% against USD, do you feel comfortable with that level or need to repeg?

DS Najib: No repagging under any circumstances, we’ll continue with the present regime. We’re comfortable with it. Let the Ringgit be dictated by market forces.

Pengacara: If you look at the current government, PM Abdullah introduced 5 growth corridors, are you likely to continue with that?

DS Najib: We’ll continue whatever good for Malaysia. The corridors will be very good for us; it’s a long term plan. Many people forget the fact it’s a long term development programs. Of cause when you announce the 5 corridors, you heightened people’s expectation that things will change very fast. But we respect Iskandar development in Johore. Its really firm commitment, really take off.

Pengacara; How optimist is the development of Johor?

DS Najib: We are getting a lot of investors from Middle East. PM Abdullah has committed reaffirm commitment like sizable investors from the Gulf States in those areas. We hope for investors from other countries soon.

Pengacara: Are you likely to be a big project man?

DS Najib: I don’t want to be put in that category but I have my own concept of development. I think it has to be a balance development. You have to look at all aspect of the concept holistic comprehensive of development.

Pengacara: We have spoken to a couple of politic commentators, they says the economy will be crucial to your leadership? If you can help minimize the impact of the financial crisis on Malaysia economic you’ll gone tremendous support begin to unite UMNO. Is that a view you share as well?

DS Najib: In our assessment, economy is the main issue. People are looking towards the government or leaders. We must give the people senses that what we are facing the global financial crisis, instead denial facing huge challenges but we must be seen to be able to be steering the country towards a direction that will give them a sense of confidence.

Pengacara: We are in the midst of financial crisis. Where are we right now, is the worst behind us?

DS Najib: Most analysis’s says no! More analysis aspect more bad news coming out of OACD countries even Eastern Europe and many parts of the world. We have not seen the worse yet. I think its going to be sometimes before you can significant some real recovery. So we have to save for the West.

Pengacara: What sometime are we looking at – 3 to 5 years, shorter than that?

DS Najib: Its hard to say. It depends how deep the problems are but it won’t be over in a short time.

Pengacara: How the respond been? Are you satisfied with US and EU and how the Asia has responded?

DS Najib : I think they can be better respond from US. When they announce, it was not announce with the details. So it didn’t spike the market, didn’t help the market. So there are things we need to address, certain a long term is about to review of the global international system, which Malaysia has been calling for it for a long time. It’s absolutely necessary for us to get entire global financial system.

Pengacara: How do you think the future global financial system looks like, after the current one collapse?

DS Najib : I don’t have the answer but obviously it’s a system that the development long time ago and they have move faster, more financial products, things more sophisticated, even they were monitoring of what happening, item huge gap in that. The regular bodies taking action knowing what’s happening. I think this is a very crucial issues that we need to find solutions and answers.

Pengacara: There’s been a lack coordinated respond from Asia. Aren’t you been disappointed, has there been no leadership?

DS Najib: Asia is not really responded to one voice but I supposed e don’t have a real frame work for us to put together on Asia respond as such altogether within ASEAN there is Chiengmai initiatives to help other countries but still rather vale and we have not really put down some specific measures that can be done.

Pengacara: Are you now hoping the Asia would come up coordinated afford?

DS Najib: I think the situation warrens its Asian and Asia should take out some specific initiatives, Yes!

Pengacara: What’s your taken, of what happening in China and India? China often been seen as a country that pick up the slack from the rest of the world? Will China slowing down? Do you see that’s happening?

DS Najib : There are some inherent structures of weaknesses in China now coming more and more obvious. China cannot export by itself out. All present problems because the major consumer’s countries are not buying as much as before, so we do not see China green at break next peak but still very credible at 8% whatever it is.

Pengacara: Dato, you started politic at the age of 23 after your father’s death. Your uncle’s also PM of Malaysia. Are those the reasons that put you as a position you aspired to be a politician, one day be a Prime Minister?.

DS Najib : My father didn’t want me to be in politic. He wants me to be an accountant. But I’ve always have interest in politics but not too early. After he died I had to make a decision. My philosophy in life – try to do my best in life and to make a different in the life of other people and nation great sense to serve. I feel privileged I have a chance to serve the nation..

Pengacara: You have serve the people for many years in politic, is there one achievement you’re particularly proud of?

DS Najib: I’ve been in various port folios. I supposed in Ministry of Education, I started the educational reform and my successor has continues that, very significant parts of my contribution. In the Ministry of Defense, I embark the program of modernization of the Arm forces and taking care of their welfare. I’m quite please to what I’ve achieve so far.

Pengacara: What’s your vision for Malaysia 5 to 10 years down the road?

DS Najib: I’ll articulate after March leadership. I belief leader must perform, I belief in a contact of Malaysia I would like to be seen as a transformational leader.

Pengacara: Tq, Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak, incoming Premier of Malaysia.


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